1. Create an account on We The Cooks

Create your We The Cooks account and join our marketplace of private cooking classes. You'll need an account to communicate with your instructor.

2. Send Us Your Giftcard Code

Each giftcard has a code, something like this #YOW3-DBMF-ZLVY-5BWP. Send us yours by emailing team@wethecooks.com and include a list of class(es) that you would like to apply the giftcard to!

5. Our Instructor Will Help You Schedule Your Class

Once you've sent your gift card code, the instructor for the class(es) you've selected will be in touch to help you schedule the class on a day that works for both of you.

Your instructor will also:

  • Be there to answer any of your questions regarding your class or We The Cooks.
  • Provide a shopping list for the class.
  • Advise on preferred brands or ingredient substitutions.
  • Provide an equipment list for the class.
  • Be available during class times to troubleshoot or resolve any issues.

During ths time you're also able to message your instructor directly on We The Cooks to coordinate any dietary restrictions, modifications or alternative video conferencing solutions.

6. Gather The Required Ingredients And Equipment For Your Class

Time to prepare for class! Be sure to double check either the class description or the list provided by your instructor for your class materials.

7. Enjoy your online cooking class!

Grab your computer, phone, or tablet and pour yourself a glass of wine because its class time!