Create kitchen to kitchen culinary experiences at We The Cooks and spread the love of cooking.

Are you looking for chefs and home cooks to teach classes?

We're always looking for chefs and home cooks to join our team with unique cooking classes. We encourage chefs of all skill levels and teaching ability to sign up however each chef is hand selected based on a number of criteria, including topic, recipes and overall teaching ability.

How To Sign Up

1. Create an account on We The Cooks

Create your We The Cooks account! This is the first step for both instructors and students.

2. Set up your payment information

So that you can be paid for the classes you teach, you will need to set up your payment information. You can do this on your account page and should contact us at if you experience any concerns and issues.

Student will not be able to request your cooking classes until this step is complete.

3. Take the instructor questionnaire (optional)

Once you have created your account, you have the option to complete the instructor questionnaire

The instructor questionnaire collects some basic information about your background as a cook, your availability, and the topics you are interested in teaching.

Although the questionnaire is not required to post a cooking class on our website it does help us better understand how we can help you succeed in finding students, formatting your class descriptions or general marketing of your classes. Either way will be in contact to understand how to best help you succeed.

4. Teach a 30 minute sample class (optional)

We The Cooks will reach out to schedule a 30 minute sample class.

This is your chance to show us what you've got! You will be teaching our team in a casual 30 minute lesson. The goal here is to gauge your teaching style, give feedback, and most importantly it serves as a test run to make sure that you have the right equipment/setup to teach a class with us.

5. Teach and post classes.

At this point you're a full fledged instructor on We The Cooks! Add classes to the catalog and set up your payment information so that you can be paid for the classes you teach if you have not already.

6. We The Cooks will help you along the way.

With your classes and your payment information set up, you will be ready to teach your first class! Our team will support you through the entire process. This includes:

  • communicating required equipment and ingredients to students
  • handling customer support so that you can focus on teaching
  • formatting and editing your class descriptions
  • promoting your classes