We The Cooks connects students and cooking instructors through video conference. There is no preference as to which video conference provider you choose to use; we encourage you to use the option that works best for you and your chosen instructor.


In order to connect with our chefs you must have device with a built in camera and microphone. We recommend laptops, tablets, and smart phones so that you can reposition them easily in the kitchen for the duration of your class or session.

While a desktop computer with a camera and microphone will work, you may experience difficulties communicating through video unless your camera can easily be carried or repositioned in the kitchen.

Connection Speed

Video conferencing requires a strong internet connection.

One-to-one lessons require a connection of at least 1 Mbps (Megabits per second). If there are more participants an additional 1 Mbps per added participant is recommended to maintain a high quality video.

If you are unsure of your connection speed can check by visiting www.speedtest.net.

Video Conference Providers

We The Cooks encourages instructors to select video conference providers that work best for their students

We recommend the following list of alternative video chat providers:


​Video chats and conferences are always prone to errors. Issues with audio or camera delays will likely fix themselves within a minute. If you are dissatisfied with a lesson because of connection issues please start a chat with us on We The Cooks or contact us through any platform.

Prior to your first class, you will be contacted by We The Cooks to do an optional set-up call. During this call, we will be available for troubleshooting any technical issues and also provide you with tips so that you enjoy the most out of your class and private chef experience.

If ever you have any questions, you can contact us at team@wethecooks.com. ​